Payday Loans Approved For Up To $1,200!


How It Works

So, how exactly does a payday loan work? A payday loan is a short-term cash loan that you can use in between paychecks. The way the loan works is that you can qualify for a certain loan amount based on how much you usually get paid, as well as a few other factors. Once you get your cash in hand, you simply pay the loan back by your next payday — easy as that!

PayCheckATM provides its customers with a direct link to licensed payday loan vendors. PayCheckATM works with over 500 licensed vendors across 25 different states, meaning its customers will always be able to find a location near them!

To get started with the process, you can simply fill out the short form found on the front page of PayCheckATM’s website. After all the fields have been completed, you can send that information in and then you'll receive a quick call back from a Payday Loan Manager, who can answer any questions you might have about the process!

When planning your visit to the location of your choice, be sure you bring along just a few Required Items with you. Once you arrive at the licensed vendor location, a loan representative will be there to assist you in getting the cash you need!